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Newsletter - January 16, 2019

Jan. 16, 2019

Neilburg Composite School Newsletter


Jan. 18                Grilled cheese sandwich sale - $2.50 each

Jan. 23                Farm Safety presentations for Elementary students

Jan. 23                Grade 5/6 Floor hockey tournament in Neilburg

Jan. 23-28           High School exam week

Jan. 24                Spaghetti and maetball sale - $3.50 small, $4.5 large 

Jan. 29               Semester turn around – no classes

Jan. 31                Table Mountain Ski Trip

Jan. 31                Milk Program starts               

Feb. 2                  VEX Robotics Competition hosted by NCS

Feb. 18                Family Day – no classes

Feb. 19-22          Winter Break – no classes

Feb. 25                PD day – no classes

Feb. 26                Classes resume



The Milk Prize Program will start on Jan. 31.  Students will get a scratch ticket when they purchase milk or get one from their milk card.  Some of the tickets will have a large letter on them from A-F.  They bring that winning ticket to the office to claim their prize.  The prizes include: free milk, tubers, backpacks, lunch bags, pop ups and lanyards for a total of 63 prices.


Junior Boy's Basketball - Ms Chammartin


There are two games left in the season and a final tournament.

The schedule is as follows: 

     - Jan. 17 @ home vs. St. Walburg

     - Jan. 22 Practice

     - Jan. 24 @ Maidstone **Please note, we will be using this game as a conference playoff game**

     - Jan. 26th @ Marshall for a tournament

     - May practice again if we qualify for districts.


Caution!  Caution!  

Due to severe allergies among the students at NCS, the school requires that everyone avoid bringing any items with nut products, eggs that are not baked into an item or animals to the school.   Our students' health depends on your cooperation.  Thank you.


Subscribe to our Texts: 

Get the latest updates, information on events, school news and also emergency notifications by subscribing to our texting service.  Simply text Y (for yes) to 724665 and you will be added to our list of subscribers.

STUDENT ABSENCES                                                                                                                    Parents please notify the school if your child is going to be absent.  Parents will receive an automated phone call for any unexcused absences.

Hat Day is every Friday                                                                                                           All hat day profits go to our foster child Hao Hao in China. The annual fee is $504. Two dollars is the fee to wear a hat on Friday. There are also $20 Hat day punch cards that are available on School cash on-line as well from the S.R.C. member who is collecting the Friday hat funds. Any extra funds from Hat Day will be put to our other charitable activities for the year.


Student fee notices are automatically sent to each parent when they sign up for SchoolCash online.  We encourage you to pay for them online but if you do not want to do that, please sign up anyway as that way you will get the notifications of student fees, hot lunches, new yearbook arrival, etc. etc.

Notices for unpaid fees were sent out with the first report cards.

** Students with outstanding school fees will not be allowed to take part in school trips whether curricular or extra-curricular (sports).




Manitou Pioneers Museum Inc. presents "A Valentine's Evening with Ben Crane and daughter, Jessica Oracheski" on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at the Neilburg Community Hall.  Cocktails at 5:00, Roast Beef Supper, catered by Coolidge's Country Catering, at 6:00, and Concert at 7:30.  Must be 19 years or older to attend.  There will be a door prize, draws, and cash bar.  Tickets are $50 each or table of 8 for $360.  Tickets available from any member of MPM or Synergy Credit Union in Neilburg or Marsden.  Ben is a singer, songwriter, entertainer, and artist on Leanin' Tree greeting cards.  Enjoy an evening with good food, great music, and good clean humour.  Check out Ben at   



Friday Night Youth- Jan 18th - Indoor games at the camp (weather is looking too cold to be outside)...7pm- 10pm...rides leaving from the church at 6:45pm...pick up at camp at 10pm or arrange for rides home with a youth leader!


  If your business would be interested in putting a paid advertisement in the school newsletter, please contact Cathy at the school (306-823-4313).  The newsletters go out weekly (usually Wednesday).  Any ads would have to be into the school by 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning.  The school email is, the fax is 306-823-4403 or you can drop them off.  The cost is $10 per advertisement per week.  *As usual our community announcements will be published free of charge.

=========================================================The first 10 students to return this form with the word spelled wrong in this week's newsletter will get a $1 booth credit.      The word is __________________________ 

Parent signature   _______________________________________________________________

School Community Council Minutes - Jan. 11, 2019

Neilburg School Community Council

Box 309

Neilburg, Saskatchewan

S0M 2C0




Date: Friday, January 10, 2019

Sara called meeting to order at 12:06pm

Members Present:  Sarah Goodfellow, Ria Wiens, Jill Walde, Charmaine Graham, Sarah Hein, Bev Nattress and Rachel Wightman. 

School Representatives: Geoff Macfarlan & Wade Worman

Student Representative: Jaiden Graham

Welcome to Aaron Oaks - NWSD Superintendent & Faith Graham - NWSD Board Representative.

Minutes:  Ria Wiens presented the minutes from the last meeting, November 30, 2018 and moved to adopt as read.  Correction made mentioning of financial report - account correct, but report handed out was a typing error and should have read SCC Division account totaling $3,235.00 not $3,245.00.  Seconded by Sara Goodfellow.

Financial Report:  Charmaine Graham presented the financial report.  Error made: Financial Report to be read as January 11, 2019 and balance for the month of January.  Sara Goodfellow moved to adopt as read. Seconded by Sarah Hein.

Principal's Report:  Wade Worman gave presentation on Student Engagement - Social, Institutional and Intellectual standings based on division survey completed within NCS grades 4-6 & 7-12.  Though some questionable or some showing no grade 12 participation, results shown NCS as ranking average overall, but highlighted areas of concern that teachers and staff are aware of.  Mentorship programs already in place to help make sure all students are have an advocate and are accountable to someone regardless of grade or staffing area.

Geoff Macfarlan reported recent Fontus testing results came back well and will continue to be given to improve literacy skills.  He touched on just a few of the many clubs that the school is offering for the first time this year and the excitement it brings the students.  Wade Worman reported the sports programs are growing and students who may never have participated are doing so now, which highlights the need for more volunteers to carry the load of extra curricular activities NCS staff take on.  Based on the results given from the student engagement survey, encouragement for the programs implemented by NCS staff and their efforts to be pro active in areas to improve student support, involvement and investment.

Old Buisness: 

  • Review and revisions of By-Laws tabled until further notice. Aaron Oakes will assist SCC in locating a copy of the Division's By-laws.
  • Geoff Macfarlan presented NCS staff with letter of expression for SCC's willingness to be staff support but with classes just resuming from the holidays, no responses given. 
  • Sara Goodfellow and Ruby Flicek working together to complete Nutrien Ag Solutions' application.  Seeking the full amount of $25,000. Geoff Macfarlan reported Synergy did contribute but the second amount requested was refused. 

    New Buisness:
  • Geoff Macfarlan & Wade Worman as mentioned in the principal's report expressed the excitement of just a few of the new programs and clubs being offered. 
  • SCC along with the help of parent volunteers will host its first Pizza Hot lunch with the hopes of creating a schedule to have hot lunches offered at least once a month for the remainder of the school year. 
  • Aaron Oakes encouraged SCC and NCS staff that NCS is doing well and to be encouraged for the work done,  and actively improving on to move forward to assisting students. 

    Next Meeting:  Friday, February 15 @ noon. 

    Sara Goodfellow adjourned the meeting at 12:56pm.

Empowering students to strive for the betterment of humanity through the power of learning.
Semester Turnaround Day - No School
All Day
PD Day - No School
All Day
PD Day - No School
All Day
PD Day - No School
All Day
Victoria Day - No School
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Principal: Geoff McFarlan
Vice Principal: Wade Worman
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