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Newsletter - March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

Neilburg Composite School Newsletter


Mar. 15                SCC pizza hot lunch (must have been pre-ordered)

Mar. 15                K-9 report cards home

Mar. 18                PD day – no classes

Mar. 20                Gr. 7-10 – presentation in Lloydminster

Mar. 21                Sumobots field trip

Mar. 22                SCC chicken and fries hot lunch (must have been pre-ordered)

Mar. 26 & 28       Parent teacher interviews 4-7 pm

Mar. 27                Grade 11 Scuba field trip

Apr. 1                   PD day – no classes

Apr.6                    Jr. Mega Birdie in Maidstone

Apr. 19                 Good Friday – no classes

Apr. 22-26           Easter Break – no classes

May 4                   Graduation

Career Education                                                                                                   Caps, Copes, Cops Career testing Result- Mrs. Kerr-Goodfellow                         CCC test results for grade 10 students & their parents will be available on March 25 & 26, 2019 with Brenda Knight, the Divisions CCC test facilitator at NCS.       Students have received schedules & should be sharing them with their parents.       If there are questions or concerns call (306-823-4313) or email Mrs.K.G. at

PARENT/STUDENT/ TEACHER INTERVIEWS                                                                                                          Our next set of student-parent-teacher conferences are quickly approaching.  The dates are Tuesday, March 26 and Thursday, March 28.  The interviews will be running from 4:00-7:00 pm without a break.  This also means that the hours of the BookFair will reflect those of the interviews.  We want to make sure you are aware of the interview date and will be able to find a time that works for you.  All the parents of K-4 are asked to attend an interview.  Parents of Grade 5 students who require an interview will be contacted to set up an interview time.  If you don't get a call and would like an interview, please contact the school office at 306-823-4313, to set up a time to meet.  Parents of grade 6-12 students are asked to follow the same format as the fall interviews and meet with the teachers as they become available during the interview sessions.  We look forward to meeting with you.                                   Note:  Mrs. Knorr-Bingham will only be available for interviews on Tuesday, March 26.


In an attempt to control the huge amount of items in our lost and found, we have washed and hung up shirts, jackets and sweaters on a rack so the students can hopefully pick out any that belong to them. They will be on display for parent teacher interviews. If they aren't claimed in a week or so, they will be sent to the Interval Store or some other charity. 



Student fee notices are automatically sent to each parent when they sign up for SchoolCash online.  We encourage you to pay for them online but if you do not want to do that, please sign up anyway as that way you will get the notifications of student fees, hot lunches, new yearbook arrival, etc. etc.

Notices for unpaid fees were sent out with the first report cards.

** Students with outstanding school fees will not be allowed to take part in school trips whether curricular or extra-curricular (sports).


The Milk Prize Program started on Jan. 31.  Students will get a scratch ticket when they purchase milk or get one from their milk card.  Some of the tickets will have a large letter on them from A-F.  They bring that winning ticket to the office to claim their prize.  The prizes include: free milk, tubers, backpacks, lunch bags, pop ups and lanyards for a total of 63 prizes.  Quite a few students have won prizes already!

Jr. Badminton Schedule – Lashburn (L), Marshall (M), Neilburg (N) Hillmond (H)

March 14 in Marshall        - Mckenna Goodfellow - driving                                                                                                   

March 21 in Neilburg       -Justine Nattress - driving                                                                                                    

April 4 in Marshall                                                                                                               

  April 6 is Mega Birdie in Maidstone     - Taylor Jackson - driving                                                                                

 April 11 in Neilburg

Students will be required to take their turns driving to away games.  If they cannot drive, it is up to them to get someone to cover for them.

Grade 5/6 Busketball

The Grade 5/6 Basketball Season has arrived. 

There are 2 teams and they each play at different locations.

The schedule for games is as follows:


TEAM 1 = Keegan, Moshe, Rowdy, Matthias, Garner, Quinton (Coach: Mr. McFarlan)

Wednesday, March 20th @ home (vs. Hillmond)

(Will need at least 2 volunteer drivers to make it to the games/tournament.)


TEAM 2 = Aliana, Caden, Ashton, Skyler, Jake, Tyesn, Madison (Coach: Ms. Chammartin)

Wednesday, March 13th @ home (vs. Lashburn 1)

Wednesday, March 20th @ Marsden (Sara Goodfellow Driving)

Ms. Chammartin can drive 6 players.  We will therefore need one other driver for the away games/tournament. Please let her know if and when you can drive and how many you can take.)


Wednesday, March 27th @ Maidstone (need drivers) *Final Tournament*


Caution!  Caution!                                                                                                   

Due to severe allergies among the students at NCS, the school requires that everyone avoid bringing any items with nut products, eggs that are not baked into an item or animals to the school.   Our students' health depends on your cooperation.  Thank you.



Parents PLEASE sign up for SchoolMessenger so that you receive messages from the school.  This is the way we communicate important messages.  Text to the number 724665 and then reply Yes and you will be set up to receive messages.




Friday Night Youth - March 15, 7pm-10pm - Ice cream social at the church...the youth will be serving and enjoying ice cream with the adults who come to hang out!! Youth- invite your parents/grandparents and other adults in your life to join us!

4-H ST. PATRICK'S DAY ROAST BEEF SUPPER & SILENT AUCTION                                                         

Friday, March 15th at the Neilburg Community hall from 5:00-7:00 pm                                            Seniors (65+)  - $10                                         Age 11 – adult - $15                                  Age 6-10 - $10                                                 Age 5 & under – Free                             Sponsored by Manitou Lake Multiple 4-H Club


The first 10 students to return this form with the word spelled wrong in this week's newsletter will get a $1 booth credit.   In addition, each time a student returns one of these forms, they will have their name put in for a draw for the 17/18 yearbook which should soon be on its way.                  The word is __________________________ 

Student name    ________________________________________________________________

Parent signature   _______________________________________________________________