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Newsletter - April 3, 2019

April 03, 2019

April 3, 2019

Neilburg Composite School Newsletter


Apr.6                    Jr. Mega Birdie in Maidstone

Apr. 11                 Jr. & Sr. Badminton playoffs

Apr. 11                 SCC hot lunch of pancakes & sausages –purchase that day or online

Apr. 12                 SCC meeting at noon

Apr. 13                 Jr. & Sr Badminton districts

Apr. 18                 Gr. 10-12 report cards home

Apr. 19                 Good Friday – no classes

Apr. 22-26           Easter Break – no classes

May 4                   Graduation

Grade 5/6 Badminton – Ms. Chammartin                                                             The following students have signed up for Badminton:                                        Grade 5s: Chloe, Matthias, Garner, Sydnie, Lily, Jake, Quinton                                        Grade 6s: Brennan, Aliana, Caden, Daelyn, Madison, Skyler, Keegan                                Grade 5/6 badminton is played in doubles (no single players). Goggles (protective glasses) need to be worn at all times.                                                                     April 15th @ Marsden - Need drivers                                                                    April 29th @ Marshall - Need Drivers                                                                   May 1st @ Home (vs. Hillmond)                                                                           May 6th @ Home (vs. Lashburn)                                                                               May 8th @ Marshall (Final Tournament) - Need Drivers

Please let Ms. Chammartin know if you are available to drive one of those above dates and how many students you can take. Thank You

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION                                                                                                                                   

 Parents of children who will be 5 years of age on or before Dec. 31, 2019, should receive registration forms in the mail.  If you do not receive them or know someone who should get one, please call the school office at 306-823-4313 or you can download a form from the website under         Parents ---->forms----->Kindergarten registration.  Please return completed registration forms to the school office by April 16th.


2017-2018 YEARBOOKS

The 2017-2018 yearbooks have arrived!  They are available online or at the school office for $25 each.  A huge thank you to Karrie Blackbeard for all her hard work making this yearbook happen!



The Board Game Club is looking for school appropriate board games that you would be willing to donate to the school.  The students meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school and would appreciate any games that you would be willing to part with.


Interested in Learning about the Yearbook?
Our yearbook could use your input!
Any student interested in learning what goes into a yearbook or assisting with the yearbook, please call or text Karrie Blackbeard 306-823-3934. 

Also, if anyone has photos taken at school events we want them!
Please down load the Replay It App, sign in, look up Neilburg Composite School and upload!!



Student fee notices are automatically sent to each parent when they sign up for SchoolCash online.  We encourage you to pay for them online but if you do not want to do that, please sign up anyway as that way you will get the notifications of student fees, hot lunches, new yearbook arrival, etc. etc.

Notices for unpaid fees were sent out with the first report cards.

** Students with outstanding school fees will not be allowed to take part in school trips whether curricular or extra-curricular (sports).


Jr. Badminton Schedule – Lashburn (L), Marshall (M), Neilburg (N) Hillmond (H)                                                                                             

April 4 in Marshall          -Justine Nattress - driving                                                                                                                               April 6 is Mega Birdie in Maidstone     - Taylor Jackson - driving                                                                               

  April 11 in Neilburg

Students will be required to take their turns driving to away games.  If they cannot drive, it is up to them to get someone to cover for them.



Caution!  Caution!                                                                                                   

Due to severe allergies among the students at NCS, the school requires that everyone avoid bringing any items with nut products, eggs that are not baked into an item or animals to the school.   Our students' health depends on your cooperation.  Thank you.



Parents PLEASE sign up for SchoolMessenger so that you receive messages from the school.  This is the way we communicate important messages.  Text to the number 724665 and then reply Yes and you will be set up to receive messages.

STUDENT ABSENCES                                                                                                                    

Parents please notify the school if your child is going to be absent.  Parents will receive an automated phone call for any unexcused absences.

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                 

  YOUTH GROUP                                                                                        

  Friday Night Youth- April 5th Mystery Supper at the church @ 6:30pm -10pm

Neilburg Minor ball registration - Wednesday April 3rd at 7pm, Neilburg Arena

T-ball- 12/15, Mites- 10/11, Mosquito(11U)-08/09, PeeWee(13U)-06/07, Bantam(15U)-04/05 and U12 girls softball-07/08