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Newsletter - June 12, 2019

June 12, 2019

June 12, 2019

Neilburg Composite School Newsletter


June 13               Grade 9 Field trip

June 13 & 14       Grade 7 & 8 Field trip

June 17               At My Best Day

June 19               Subway lunch – must have been pre-ordered

June 19               Kindergarten, Grade 1 & 2 Field trip

June 19               High School Awards – 2:00 pm

June 20-26          Final exams

June 21               Back to School supply lists due (unless ordering online)

June 21               National Aboriginal Day Pot luck and Activities

June 26               Last day of classes

June 26               Elementary Celebration of Success at 2:00

June 28               Pick up report cards in am



We will be having a school wide potluck lunch on Just 21st for National Aboriginal Day.  Lunch will be from 12 noon to 12:45.  Please send non-perishable Potluck lunch items with your child or drop perishables off in the Home Ec room before noon.

Reminder – NCS is a nut and peanut and egg free school

As a courtesy if you send beverages – please no energy or caffeinated drinks.

We thank you in advance for you donations



Parents of bus students should be aware that the buses may be running a bit late in the afternoon on the Tri-meet (June 12).



Ms. Chammartin would like to send out a big THANK YOU to the Coop Agro, the Coop Grocery Store, and the Neilburg Library for providing work experience for some of our students.  It is greatly appreciated! 😊



Schools across Saskatchewan are moving this fall to a new student records database system.  As part of the transition, Northwest School Division is requesting updated contact information.  Forms were sent home with ALL students.  Please provide your current contact details.  If you live at a rural address, please provide your legal land location.  For contacts, please indicate contact order, and what information the contact may receive from Northwest School Division.  Please return completed forms to the school as soon as possible. 



Physical Education 7/8/9

With the hot weather finally here, please ensure your son/daughter is prepared to spend P.E. class outdoors. This may include outdoor shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, hat, sunglasses, water bottle. 



Parents are asked to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the school if you are unable to pick up your child's report card on the morning of June 28.

Report cards will NOT be sent home unless an envelope is provided.  All textbooks and library books must be returned to the school library as soon as possible after exams.  Grade 5-12 students must clean out their lockers and return their locks to the library before leaving for the summer.


Our Grade 6 to 12 students will be recognized for their academic and athletic achievements at our annual Awards Day presentation on Wednesday, June 19 at 2:00 pm. In addition to honour roll certificates, subject awards, athletic awards and bursaries, there are a number of awards that have had a number of students nominated.

Elsie Edwards Memorial Award for Senior Athlete of the Year Boys Nominees: Henry Peters, Braxton Snell, Isaiah Zajonz Girls Nominees: Ethel Borja, Alissandra Facun, Hallie Goodfellow

Junior Athlete of the Year Boys Nominees: Eduard Borja, Francie Peters, Devon Whitney Girls Nominees: Emma Benoit, Ashtyn LaClare, Taeya Wiens

Doug Park Track Award Nominees: Emma MacDonald, Kyle MacDonald, Hannah O'Grady

Dallas Ball Memorial Award for dedication in sports Nominees: Vhea Cunanan, Alissandra Facun, Isaiah Zajonz

Spirit of Youth Award – presented to a grade 10-12 student who shows leadership ability, a cooperative attitude, good academic standing and participates socially, academically and athletically in school and community activities. (nominations from students, staff consensus decides) Nominees: Jaiden Graham, Hannah O'Grady, Braxton Snell

Doolittle Award for the most improved overall student Nominees: Vincent Cunanan, Riley Jackson, Nate Paterson

Deportment Award - awarded to a student who possesses the following qualities: ability to get along with teachers & peers, personality and attitude (marks are not considered) Nominees: Vhea Cunanan, Cyrus Wiebe, Isaiah Zajonz

Outstanding Student of the Year - chosen by staff for contribution to all activities, both curricular and extra-curricular Nominees: Ethel Borja, Jaiden Graham, Ashlyn Loy.


Supply lists for Back to School Solutions were sent home with students.

There is no obligation to order your school supplies this way, but it is an option. The school does get a small percentage of all the orders back.

If you are ordering this way, please send your order back to the school with a cheques attached payable to Value Drug Mart and Associates by June 21 if ordering through the school. You can choose to order online and then choose only the items you need.  Your child may have some supplies left from previous years so you can order only specific items.  Kits are then shipped to the school in August and arrive with labels that have your child's name on them, to put on all the supplies. 

Please keep the supply list if you are not ordering this way as it will be the only supply list sent home.  The lists will be posted online at the end of June.


2017-2018 YEARBOOKS

The 2017-2018 yearbooks have arrived!  They are available online or at the school office for $25 each.  A huge thank you to Karrie Blackbeard for all her hard work making this yearbook happen.



The school is looking for LEGO.  If you have any that you would be willing to donate or to sell for a reasonable price, please contact the school at 306-823-4313.  Thank you so much to those who have donated LEGO!

High School Transcripts for grade 12's attending Post-secondary schools Parents and grade 12 students' transcripts must be ordered online from Saskatchewan Learning. Grade 12's will not received a transcript of their second semester marks at the end of June.


Parents PLEASE sign up for SchoolMessenger so that you receive messages from the school.  This is the way we communicate important messages.  Text to the number 724665 and then reply Yes and you will be set up to receive messages.


Caution!  Caution!                                                                                                   

Due to severe allergies among the students at NCS, the school requires that everyone avoid bringing any items with nut products, eggs that are not baked into an item or animals to the school.   Our students' health depends on your cooperation.  Thank you.

STUDENT ABSENCES                                                                                                                    Parents please notify the school if your child is going to be absent.  Parents will receive an automated phone call for any unexcused absences.



Student fee notices are automatically sent to each parent when they sign up for SchoolCash online.  We encourage you to pay for them online but if you do not want to do that, please sign up anyway as that way you will get the notifications of student fees, hot lunches, new yearbook arrival, etc. etc.  Notices for unpaid fees were sent out with the report cards.

** Students with outstanding school fees will not be allowed to take part in school trips whether curricular or extra-curricular (sports). Some student fees are still unpaid.  Please make arrangements to pay any outstanding fees as soon as possible.


5-Day Clubs in Neilburg and Marsden                                                                      - Bible stories, singing, memorizing verses, prizes, refreshments.                    August 12 - 16, Monday till Friday. In Marsden from 9 -10am. In Neilburg from 11 -12 noon.                                                                                                                     In Marsden at Cliff and Marg Scott, 14-1st Ave. West. Phone: 306-823-7326         In Neilburg at Josef and Eva Schwaiger, 27 Centre Street. Phone: 306-823-4343 Children from ages 5 to 13, interested parents, younger children, when accompanied by an adult are welcome!                                                                           For information about the program, please phone Child Evangelism Fellowship 1 800-561-5315, or visit www.

Tips To Avoid the Summer Learning Slide


1. Make Summer Learning Fun

A day trip to the zoo, a walk in the park, or sitting by a pool can all become learning moments during a child's summer. Incorporate things like counting steps, timing activities, or learning about wildlife to keep children's brain active and improve things like memory and recall.

2. Get into A Routine

The best way to ensure you and your child commit to summer learning is to make a routine and stick to it. If there is a time every day that you know you will be with your child, use that time to incorporate learning.

3. Reading

Make a list of books for your child to read over the summer. Ensure they are the appropriate reading level and have your child keep a journal of words that are new to them.

4. Math

Math can be one of the easiest subjects for children to slide back in during the summer. Download or buy math workbooks and have your child complete a page each week.

5. The Right Kind of Screen Time

There is no way to avoid it, so make the most of it! Download educational apps on your child's device and make sure they are getting the most out of their screen time