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Newsletter - September 4, 2019

September 04, 2019

Sept. 4 2019

Neilburg Composite School Newsletter



Sept. 9-13           Spirit Week

Sept. 23               PD day – no classes

Sept. 30               Orange shirt day

Oct. 11                 PD day – no classes

Oct. 14                 Thanksgiving Day – no classes

Oct. 16                 School picture day

Nov. 8                  School holiday – no classes

Nov. 11                Remembrance Day – no classes

Nov. 13                School picture retake day

Nov. 25                PD day – no classes

Dec. 20                Last day of classes

Jan. 6                  Classes resume


Caution!  Caution! 

Due to severe allergies among the students at NCS, the school requires that everyone avoid bringing any items with nut products, eggs that are not baked into an item or animals to the school.   Our students' health depends on your cooperation.  Thank you.



The booth is up and running again this year with a few changes.  Due to an accounting request by the Division we are only selling milk through milk cards.  You can purchase them online at SchoolCash or at the school office.  They are $10 per card and that gives the student 8 milk.

Unfortunately the vending machine is not working at this time.  We hope to have it up and running as soon as possible. The booth is open every day at lunch time for students to purchase food items, drinks and snacks.  Some of the items sold in the booth are subs, pizza pops, mini pizzas, KD cups, noodle cups, frozen treats, chips, granola bars, wagon wheels, pudding cups, juice boxes, water, along with many other treats.  We have a few items for 25 cents and many items for 50 cents.  All profits from the sales goes to the field trip accounts.  Students from 5-12 are asked to take a turn working in the booth.  The booth will be open until 12:15 every day.



Parents PLEASE sign up for SchoolMessenger so that you receive messages from the school.  This is the way we communicate important messages.  Text to the number 724665 and then reply Yes and you will be set up to receive messages.


STUDENT ABSENCES                                                                                                                    Parents please notify the school if your child is going to be absent.  Parents will receive an automated phone call for any unexcused absences. Call 306-823-4313


You will be notified what student fees are owing if you have signed up for SchoolCash.  We encourage parents to pay fees, buy milk cards, yearbooks, etc

through SchoolCash.  If you are not signed up you can get instructions on how to do so by calling the school office.






Welcome back, students! I am planning to run two after-school clubs:

1. Yoga Club: Who: Grade 1-4 When: 3:30-4:00 ( 30min, every Tuesday ) -The club will begin on the 10th of September and end on October 15th. What: Cosmic Kids Yoga (optionaL: bring your yoga mat)

2. Painting Club: Who: Grade 1-4 When: 3:30-4:30 ( 60min, every Thursday ) -The club will begin on the 12th of September and end on October 17th. What: Learn to paint like famous artists such as Leonardo DaVinci, Vincent Van Gogh and etc. Materials to bring: pencil, eraser, crayons, glue, scissors, oil pastels

To sign up, please see Ms. Kim at recess. (Sept 5-9) * Please note that your parents/guardians have to pick you up after the clubs finish. See you soon, Ms. Kim

SRC SPIRIT WEEK                                                                                                                 

Next week is Spirit Week in our school

Monday is sports day

Tuesday is Twin day

Wednesday is Western day

Thursday is tight and bright day

Friday is funky hat day


Manitou Free Church Youth Group 

Tailgate kickoff party is Friday, Sept. 6 from 7-10 pm at the church parking lot. All grade 7-12 students welcome.