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Jun 17, 2019
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Transition Update - Jonas Samson and Gateway

November 26, 2018

november update.pngPlans are underway for the 2019/2020 school year and our administrative teams have been preparing for the upcoming school changes.

Through our feedback process, we heard from parents and community members with many questions regarding how our two new middle schools will operate. We are striving to create an equitable environment for all grade 5-8 students in Meadow Lake, while still preserving what makes each school unique.
Mr. Ackerman and Mr. Snodgrass have been working with NWSD personnel and their own staff teams to identify areas of opportunity for the two new middle schools to collaborate.
This process is still ongoing and decisions have not been finalized, but we want to provide an update for our families.

School Rules & Handbook

  • Both schools will operate with a closed campus. This means students will stay at the school during breaks, including lunch.
  • They will have the same cellphone policy – phones will not be used and must stay in the locker.
  • Gateway and Jonas Samson will use the same attendance policy and dress code. 
  • School awards will be slightly different in order to preserve those donated by families or individuals.
  • Student assessment and evaluation practices will be the same for both schools. Neither school will have final exams.
  • In order to remove barriers for participation, Gateway and Jonas have both eliminated a number of school fees. The school fees will match, and the only fees in 2019 will be for PAA (students may also pay for an OPTIONAL yearbook). There will be fees for ski trips, year-end trips, and other special event trips, however, the trips will be subsidized as much as possible from the proceeds of school and SCC fundraisers.


  • Gateway and Jonas Samson will both have recess. Both schools will continue to have house games, and house teams will keep the same names. The staff and students of each school will determine house activities and events. All students will be given house shirts.
  • Extra-curricular programs will be inclusive. All students will be given an opportunity to participate with no cuts.
  • Activities that have lower numbers of participation will be run jointly by both schools, for example: Table Tennis, Curling, Soccer, Speed Stacking.
  • There may be differences in program offerings due to the diversity of staff at each school, who will bring forward different areas of expertise.
  • School dances will be run jointly, all students will be invited to the dances at each school.
  • School year end trips will be done jointly. Activities like Grade 8 camping trip will continue to be enjoyed by all students.
There are many more decisions to be made in the coming months and we will continue to provide updates when information is available via our website, social media, School Messenger, newsletters and other media.

This information is also posted in the handout below:

November Update.pdf