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Northwest School Division

COVID-19 Outbreak in Jonas Samson Middle School

November 14, 2020

The following message is from Public Health.

Public Health staff are investigating cases of COVID-19 at Jonas Samson Middle School. The virus spreads from person to person by large, respiratory droplets, like from a cough or sneeze. This means that a person would need to have direct contact with droplets from a sick person or surfaces that they have recently touched. 

The risk of the general population in the school becoming infected because of these cases is low. If staff or students are identified as a contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, Public Health will contact them directly for follow-up. 

If anyone develops symptoms, please self-isolate at home and call Health Line at 811 as soon as possible to arrange for COVID-19 testing. If medical attention is required please call ahead to your health care provider. If it is an emergency requiring urgent attention, call 911. For further information regarding COVID-19, please call Health Line at 811, and/or visit the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health website at