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Supporting Your Child Through Change

TAKE CARE – Continue to engage in healthy, positive activities that you enjoy. Healthy adults create healthy children.

MODEL CALM – Let your children talk about their feelings, fears, and questions. Responding calmly will positively influence your child's emotional responses.

ROUTINES – Maintaining regular routines provides a sense of comfort and reassurance. Seek out and maintain fun activities as a family. Check out these play at home games from Right to Play - Play at Home Covid-19 Games Packet

MONITOR & LIMIT – Excessive exposure is linked to an increase in anxiety and worry.  Limit your own exposure to reliable sources.

TALK - Share factual and age-appropriate information with your children. Consider both the age and individual characteristics of your child when determining how much to share. Emphasize actions that you can do to limit risk, such as following recommended hygiene practices.

Technology Supports for Home

A little tutorial to help you get started accessing your email, the Office365 FREE program downloads, and Microsoft Teams!

Each student can download Microsoft Office on up to 5 different personal devices.