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When should my child stay home?

September 04, 2020

​As we begin the school year one of our most important procedures for families to remember is that if a child is sick they need to stay home.

We encourage families to use our Self Assessment guide to do a quick check each morning before school.

If your child is displaying any NEW or WORSENING symptoms on the chart, please keep them home.

A common question is - what if my child has asthma or seasonal allergies?

If this is a typical symptom your child experiences, or what might be referred to as their baseline, then it is not NEW or WORSENING. If you are concerned that this issue may arise, please make sure you communicate with your child's school.

*Please see the chart below from the Saskatchewan Health Authority for a comparison of common seasonal allergy symptoms to COVID-19.

Self Assessment.jpgCOVID vs Allergy Symptoms.jpg