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Help for a Neighbour in Need

April 21, 2021

You may be aware of the dramatic events of last Friday afternoon, when a fire broke out in a yard very close to the school. We are thankful to say that no one was apparently hurt and our school building was not affected by the fire, thanks to the efforts of the local fire department and our intrepid staff. Sadly, however, one of our close neighbours lost their home, and as such, we thought our community might be interested in helping them out. 

For those who would like to pitch in, please visit the crowdfunding page here:

Fundraiser by Brooke Dallyn : Irvin Beaudry Loses Everything in House Fire (

If you're unable to donate online but would still like to help, there will be a donation jar at Alcott Embroidery for donations to the victim of the fire on behalf of our school community. Many thanks to the folks at Alcott for setting that up, and to anyone who is able to pitch in!