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J.H. Moore Elementary School

Job Action - Feb 26 - Mar 1

February 24, 2024
Job Action Update The announced STF Job Action for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday does NOT impact Northwest School Division.
We will continue to provide updates to families as more information is shared.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Job Action Update - Feb 26

February 23, 2024
February 23, 2024
RE: STF Job Action Update
Dear NWSD Families,
On Friday, February 23 the Saskatchewan Teacher's Federation (STF) announced sanctions for Monday, February 26 . 1. There will be a one-day (24 hours) withdrawal of voluntary services PROVINCE-WIDE on Monday. This means there will be no extra-curricular activities before...

Kindergarten Registration 2024-2025

February 23, 2024
Teachers at Northwest School Division are already eagerly awaiting their next class of Kindergarteners! Registration is now open for the 2024-2025 school year. We're ready to explore, learn, and grow with your little ones. Come be a part of our community where education and culture thrive. Visit our division office or...

Job Action Update - Feb 16

February 14, 2024
RE: STF Job Action Update
Dear NWSD Families,
On Tuesday, February 13 the Saskatchewan Teacher's Federation (STF) declared an impasse in bargaining and announced the resumption of sanctions. There will be a rotating strike on Friday, February 16, impacting only certain school divisions. This action DOES NOT include teachers in Northwest...

Job Action Update

February 05, 2024
  February 7 , 2024       RE: STF Job Action Update     Dear NWSD Families,     On Wednesday , February 7 the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation (STF) announced they are suspending all planned job action immediately , as negotiations are set to resume betw een the...