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May 2023 Newsletter

May 01, 2023

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Neilburg Composite School

May Newsletter



May 1                  Author, Khodi Dill visits NCS!!!

May 1-5               Book Week with Literacy Events

May 4                  Lloydminster Music Festival (10 am) Neilburg Choir is competing

May 5                  Grade 7-12 school dance from 7pm – 10pm (poster below)

May 8                  Celebration Assembly

May 9                  Hot dog, chip, and juice hot lunch (preorder)

May 24 & 25       District Track & Field

May 26                Neilburg Track & Field (Alternate Date May 30)

May 29                4-H Achievement Day – Free community BBQ

June 7                  Burger hot lunch (preorder)



A Message from Vice-Principal, Mr. Worman

April took a little while to look like spring, but as May approaches, we are finally seeing some better weather. The month has flown by, and I hope everyone had a great Easter break. Our choir is busy preparing for their big competition in May and our badminton teams are getting ready for their playoffs this week. The SRC did an excellent job of leading activities prior to the break, with my personal favorite “name that tune" as the highlight.

The students are getting excited for another school dance hosted by our SCC and track and field season is just around the corner. With many fun activities, sports and lessons, May and June are shaping up to be a great finish to the year.


Sr. Badminton- Coach Ms. Ross

On Thursday April 27, the senior badminton team competed in Maidstone. Justine Nattress and Vincent Cunanan played against Lashburn, Maidstone and Hillmond. Some games were back-to-back and despite being a bit tired, Justine and Vincent dominated in mixed doubles and brought home gold medals for Neilburg Composite School. They will be advancing to districts on Saturday, April 29, in Paradise Hill.


Jr. Badminton- Coach Ms. Reynoldson

Fourteen players travelled to Maidstone on Tuesday, April 25 to compete in the Battle River Athletic Association Conferences:

Mixed Doubles - Max Saunders & Jennifer Thiessen, L.J Facon & Kaydon Koedyk,

Girls' Singles- Avery Perkins and Tori Roth

Boys' Singles- Jace Newport

Boys' Doubles- Jake Hein and Colby Olsen, Drey Ryall and Jacob Cunanan.

Girls Doubles- Georgia Watson and Jalyssa Roznowski

After pool play was completed, both mixed doubles teams advanced to the semi-finals but lost in the crossover match.  Avery Perkins went undefeated and won GOLD.  Avery advanced to the Northwest Districts Tournament at Carpenter High School in Meadow Lake on April 29.

 Canadian Children's Book Week!

We start the week with Author Khodi Dill! Khodi is a writer, author, spoken word artist, and educator who was born in Nassau, Bahamas and raised in Moose Jaw, Canada. At an early age, he found himself writing spoken word poetry and has since traveled extensively to share his work at poetry slams and festivals across the country.
He will be in our school on May 1 presenting to our K-4 students from 11am-12pm and our grade 5-9 students from 1-2 pm.  We have two of his publications in our library: Welcome to the Cypher and Little Black Lives Matter.

Thanks to our SCC for bringing Khodi to our School!


Kindergarten Registration 2023-2024

Kindergarten registration forms have been mailed out. If your child was missed, please contact Neilburg Composite School at 306-823-4313.

Kindergarten teacher, Lisa Perkins, will be welcoming all eligible kindergarten children into her classroom on Thursday, May 11, 2023, from 1-2pm. In addition, there will be an information evening for parents and children to attend at our back-to school SCC BBQ in the fall. This date is yet to be determined.

Please contact the school if you have any questions.


Thank You SCC!

The upgrade to our Home Economics program is very much appreciated!

Celebration Assemblies- This year we have implemented a 9 am, Monday morning assembly each week.  It is time for our students and staff to gather, build community and share information about the upcoming week. The celebrations have been moved closer to the first Monday of the month to better suit our school year calendars. We will continue to recognize students showing Grit (perseverance) and/or Grace (tolerance and cooperation) and our student athlete of the month and our fine arts student of the month now that we have a choir. Check out our photo wall by the gym.

Our next assemblies are May 8th and June 5th



Thank you for your cooperation. With fewer large vehicles in our parking lot, there have been fewer logistical problems.

-Mrs. Monique White and Ms. Reynoldson.


 Our own, Brandi Chammartin, is being inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame

Brandi was born and raised in Winnipeg, Mb. She was an all-around, multisport athlete during her school years and went on to play basketball with the University of Manitoba. However, it was in the sport of fastpitch that she truly excelled.

Brandi started playing softball at the Winakwa Community Centre as a pitcher and shortstop. The Team was successful and represented Manitoba at the Western Canada Softball Championships where she was selected as a shortstop for the Canada Games Team. From there, she was chosen to represent Canada on the Junior Women's National Team.

Her abilities as a shortstop were astounding. At the 1991 Junior World Championships in Australia, she played all but one game in that position. She was charged with a single error in the tournament; a rare feat which was recorded in various newspaper articles. In 1995, while playing on an Athletic Scholarship at Simon Fraser University (SFU), she set a team all-time record of 14 putouts in a single game – she did this twice in one year.

In addition to her defensive skills, her offensive game was equally impressive. She was a threat at the bat and also very quick. Most teams were unsure how to defend her as she had the ability to bunt, slap, or hit over a short defensive infield. Consequently, her on base average was remarkable. In Dec 1994, as a National Team member in the Pan Am Qualifier in Cuba, she batted .600 in four games before being sidelined with an intestinal sickness. At SFU in 1995, she was the team leader with best on base percentage of .475 over 136 games. After helping Canada secure a 1996 Olympic berth at the 1995 Argentina Pan Am Games, she was selected as an Alternate for the 1996 Canada Olympic Games' Team.

As a shortstop, she was recognized numerous times as a Western Canada and Canadian All-Star and MVP. In 1991, as a junior player, she was invited to a National Women's Team Trial. As a team member, she achieved National Championship Junior Women bronze, silver, and gold medals with her junior team Obsession and two Women's National Championship gold medals with the Smitty's senior team.

Brandi was also awarded the Manitoba Order of Sports Excellence and on two different occasions. She was awarded the Olive Little Memorial Award for being an outstanding female player in fastpitch.

Congratulations Ms. Chammartin!





Snap Chait AI-  Information you should know that was added to the Snapchat platform last week.

Notice to Customers:

Snapchat's new AI Bot, MyAI

As the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to increase on platforms such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and countless other services, the way we use technology has changed. Safer Schools Together (SST) has received multiple inquiries about the usage of AI in our schools and communities, as well as questions about what risks may be associated with the utilization of voice cloning software.

As the use of AI increases, we can expect to see a surge in the development of new AI services. Most recently, Snapchat has rolled out its own AI bot, called MyAi. This new service is already raising alarms for threat assessment teams, school staff members, and parents/guardians. What differentiates Snapchat's AI from services like ChatGPT is that a user now has the ability to customize the bot's name as well as the way it looks reducing the perception of interacting with an AI system. Our Threat Analysts have already seen numerous examples of youth communicating with Snapchat's AI and receiving worrisome advice pertaining but not limited to dating and mental health.

Currently, there is no verified way, nor have we found a way to permanently remove the Snapchat AI. We encourage parents/guardians to talk to their youth about the risks associated with having conversations with AI, and how AI should not replace a trusted adult, parent, or adviser if they are experiencing a difficult situation.


Another growing trend SST Threat Analysts are seeing is the use of AI voice cloning software. There are a few national cases (How scammers likely used artificial intelligence to con Newfoundland seniors out of $200K | CBC News) of scammers cloning the voice of a victim's loved one, requesting the victim pay a sum of money or harm may befall upon the loved one. Voice cloning tools can be very inexpensive and simple to use. In most cases, all it takes is about one minute of someone speaking to obtain enough data for the voice to be closely replicated. We recommend school districts reach out to parents encouraging them to educate themselves about voice cloning technology and to speak to their children about creating safe words or using personal questions that only the intended recipient would know the answer should an emergency present itself.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Safer Schools Together

Offices in Canada & the US

Phone: 604-560-2285 | US: 360-526-2794

Toll Free: 1-855-677-3720 | US: 1-866-554-0848



Quilt Raffle Winner

             Justine Nattress is the lucky winner of our quilt raffle!!

        Thanks to Mrs. Sawtell, $430.00 was raised for the

Breakfast Program!!


 All visitors will be welcome at NCS and are required to check in with our secretary, Kara McGarry, or sign in and out of the building. We have moved the sign in sheet from the office to the hallway for easier access. All schools are private facilities, and we must know who is in our building and what their intentions are while here. 

 Please be advised that all exterior doors will be locked between the hours of 8:55 am and 3:15 pm except for the main school doors. We are asking parents to drop off their children at the main doors if they arrive late and check in at the office. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our school safe and secure.  â€‹


Neilburg Composite School ( or Find the link on our school website!!! This site does not like phone based browsers!​

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Caution! Caution!

Due to potential anaphylaxis and serious allergies amongst the students at NCS, the school requires that everyone avoid bringing any items with nut products, shellfish and eggs that have not been baked into an item.  We also recommend NOT sharing food items with classmates! Pet allergies are also a concern for many students and staff.

Our students' health depends on your co-operation. Thank you!


The Milk Program is back up and running. Every day at lunchtime, a cart comes to each classroom and gives either chocolate milk or white milk to those students who have paid for a Milk Card. Milk Cards can be purchased through School Cash Online and are $10 for 8 milks. The cards will stay at school and be on the cart when it comes around before lunch. Your child's card will be “punched" when your child takes milk.


** Reminder microwaves are unavailable for daily use due to fire code. Only booth items can be heated while supervision is present** Thank you for understanding this Northwest School Division rule.



*** Any scholastic book orders sent home will need to be ordered by you, unless your classroom teacher has offered to handle this for you. Our school can earn free books if you use our NEW class code RC830279 and have your books shipped to the school. You will get free shipping on orders over $40.00 as well! *** HAPPY READING!


STUDENT ABSENCES                                                                                                                   

Parents, please notify the school if your child is going to be absent. Parents will receive a phone call for any unexcused absences. Please call or email the school for all absences. Email: or call 306-823-4313.



School cash is the preferred way to pay student fees, hot lunches and more. If you haven't already signed up, please follow the below instructions



 School messenger is our text messaging system that allows us to send you a text to notify you about different things going on at the school. If you would like to sign up scan the QR Code below.


Wilson Training Fundamentals

First Aid A & C Training is available, as well as babysitting and youth classes. First Aid Training costs $155.00 and Babysitting and Youth classes are $55. Please contact Kevin Wilson @ 403-682-9713 and find Wilson Training Fundamentals on Facebook.



BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS – PAID ADVERTISEMENTS If your business would be interested in putting a paid advertisement in the school newsletter, please contact Kara at the school (306-823-4313). The newsletters go out monthly (usually Wednesday). The school email is or you can drop them off.  The cost is $10 per advertisement per week.  *As usual our community announcements will be published free of charge.