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Neilburg Composite School
Proud Home of the Neilburg Trojans
(306) 823-4313,
Grade 5 and 6 Volleyball

Grade 5/6 Volleyball REVISED Schedule

Team A:  Emily, Aliana, Kailee, Leonard, Gio, Tristan, Kyle, Evan, Nick, Ramsay

Team B: Skyler, Luke, Ashton, Colter, Brennan, Daelyn, Madison, Lei-Anne, Sky

November 9th @ Neilburg (vs. JH Moore) – BOTH TEAMS

November 14th @ Neilburg (vs. Hillmond) – BOTH TEAMS

November 16th @ JH Moore (Lashburn) – Team B                    Drivers: Julie Olsen (5),  Sara Goodfellow (7)
(Mrs. Newport will be the coach)                                                     

November 21st @ Hillmond - Team A             Drivers: Jessie Whitney (4), Greg Johnston (4), Need one more driver please
(Mrs. Newport will be the coach)                                                      

November 23rd – make up day for any games

November 28th @ JH Moore (year end tournament) – BOTH TEAMS  Drivers: Mr. Worman (6), Sara Goodfellow (7),  Sarah Hein (5)
(Mrs. Newport will be the coach)                                     

If your child is unable to attend a game, please let the coach know as soon as possible!

Thank You

Ms. Chammartin