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Neilburg Composite School
Proud Home of the Neilburg Trojans
(306) 823-4313,
Jr. Boys Basketball

Jr. Boys Basketball League


St. Walburg                            Maidstone

Paradise Hill                           Glaslyn           

Thunderchild                         Lashburn 

Turtleford                               Neilburg        


Date                            Home                                      Away

November 23rd           Glaslyn                                    St. Walburg

                                    Lashburn                                 Neilburg

                                    Maidstone                               Paradise Hill

                                    Turtleford                                Thunderchild


November 30th           St. Walburg                             Thunderchild

                                    Neilburg                                  Glaslyn

                                    Paradise Hill                            Lashburn

                                    Maidstone                               Turtleford


December 7th              Paradise Hill                            St. Walburg

                                    Glaslyn                                    Turtleford

                                    Thunderchild                           Neilburg

                                    Lashburn                                 Maidstone

December 14th            Glaslyn                                    Paradise Hill

                                    St. Walburg                             Lashburn

                                    Thunderchild                           Maidstone

                                    Neilburg                                  Turtleford


January 11th                 Paradise Hill                            Thunderchild

                                    Lashburn                                 Glaslyn

                                    Maidstone                               Neilburg

                                    Turtleford                                St. Walburg


January 18th                 Maidstone                               Glaslyn

                                    Lashburn                                 Thunderchild

                                    Paradise Hill                            Turtleford

                                    Neilburg                                  St. Walburg


January 25th                 Thunderchild                           Glaslyn

                                    St. Walburg                             Maidstone

                                    Neilburg                                  Paradise Hill

                                    Turtleford                                Lashburn


Between Feb 1st-8th --- Conference play (location: TBA depending on League)

Districts: February 9/10th-  Buffalo Narrows



If your team can't make a game then please try and reschedule your game with the other team on another date. If there is a problem with gym bookings, then please call other school to re-organize where the game is held. The important part is to have the students play.