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Neilburg Composite School
Proud Home of the Neilburg Trojans
(306) 823-4313,
Jr. Girls Basketball

Jr. Girls Basketball League


St. Walburg                            Maidstone                  Marshall

Paradise Hill                           Hillmond        

Thunderchild                         Lashburn 

Turtleford                               Neilburg        


Date                            Home                                      Away

November 23rd           Maidstone                               Paradise Hill

Bye: St. Walburg        Lashburn                                 Neilburg

                                    Hillmond                                 Marshall

                                    Turtleford                                Thunderchild


November 30th           St. Walburg                             Thunderchild

Bye: Lashburn                        Marshall                                  Neilburg

                                    Paradise Hill                            Hillmond

                                    Maidstone                               Turtleford


December 7th              Paradise Hill                            St. Walburg

Bye: Turtleford          Hillmond                                 Maidstone

                                    Thunderchild                           Neilburg

                                    Marshall                                  Lashburn

December 14th            Turtleford                                Paradise Hill

Bye: Thunderchild     Lashburn                                 St. Walburg

                                    Maidstone                               Marshall

                                    Hillmond                                 Neilburg


January 11th                Neilburg                                  Maidstone

Bye: Marshall             Paradise Hill                            Thunderchild

                                    St. Walburg                             Turtleford

                                    Hillmond                                 Lashburn


January 18th                Lashburn                                 Maidstone

Bye: Paradise Hill       Thunderchild                           Hillmond

                                    Marshall                                  Turtleford

                                    Neilburg                                  St. Walburg


January 25th                Thunderchild                           Marshall

Bye: Maidstone          Hillmond                                 St. Walburg

                                    Neilburg                                  Paradise Hill

                                    Turtleford                                Lashburn


Between Feb 1st-8th --- Conference play (location: TBA depending on League)

Districts: February 9/10th-  St. Walburg 



If your team can't make a game then please try and reschedule your game with the other team on another date. If there is a problem with gym bookings, then please call other school to re-organize where the game is held. I tried to book the best schedule with teams going the same way with Jr. girls or Jr. boys (especially with time change). We do live in a time change world so this will have to be realized by all coaches. The important part is to have the students play.