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Neilburg Composite School
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Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews / Student-led Conferences

November 17, 2020

Student Led Conferences

We are excited to discuss your child's success in school this year. Due to covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to host in person interviews. Student led conferences will be held online (using your child's Microsoft Teams account) or over the phone this year. Below are the links to sign up for 10 minute phone call or Teams meeting. Teachers will contact you using the format you choose during the time allotted.

If you have any questions, please call the school at (306) 823-4313 and speak with Mr. McFarlan or Mr. Worman.


Miss K. Bannerman (Jr. high and gr 10 art, English 8 and 9) -

Ms. B. Chammartin NCS (Student Support Services Teacher)-

Ms. B. Chammartin Remote -

Ms. R. Kim (Grade 1/2)-

Mr. G. McFarlan (Jr. high social)-

Mrs. L. Perkins (Kindergarten, English 7)-

Mr. B. Plant (Jr. high PAA, Sci 7 and 8, PE 7,8,10-12)-

Ms. R. Reynoldson (Sr sciences, gr 9 science, gr 12 English) -

Miss S. Ross NCS (English 10 and 20, Visual arts 20/30)-

Miss S. Ross Remote -

Mrs. E. Shideler-Jacquest (History 10/20, grade 5 math and English)-

Ms. C. Steveson (Grade 3/4)-

Mr. J. Walso (Sr maths, Robotics 20/30)-

Miss E. Weinkauf (Grade 6 math and English, grade 5/6 all others) -

Mr. W. Worman (Jr high math)-