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NWSD implements staff Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test procedure

December 10, 2021

โ€‹vaccination policy application.pngNorthwest School Division has approved an administrative procedure that will require employees to be fully vaccinated or provide regular negative COVID-19 test results. 

AP 434 COVID-19 Vaccination or Proof of Negative Tesโ€‹t is in place for December 10, 2021. While the procedure has been adopted by the administration, it is supported by the Board of Education. 

School division staff members may choose to provide proof of vaccination to a designated NWSD official by Friday, December 17th. 

Any staff who choose not to disclose their vaccination status will be subject to weekly testing requirements beginning January 10, 2022. 

The new procedure applies to the following individuals who work with and in schools: 

    • All permanent, temporary, substitute and casual employees 

    • Community coaches 

    • Volunteers 

    • Post-secondary students on educational or professional placements 

    • School Community Council Members(if meetings are held in person at school facilities) 

    • Contracted student transportation drivers 

    • Contractors working in division facilities during school/office hours 

    • Individuals providing professional services (e.g. driver training, affiliated registered medical/health professionals) 

    • Individuals with external programs in schools(e.g. preschool, childcare, before and after school program, integrated libraries 

Students are not included in the vaccination requirement. Also not included are parents and caregivers who are dropping off or picking up students, spectators at extracurricular activities, and participants in after-hours rentals.