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COVID-19 Outbreak at Hillmond Central School (Bus Route B09)

October 14, 2021

​The following notice is from public health:

Outbreak notification Bus Route B09 (Hillmond School) 2021 Oct 14.pdf

​October 14, 2021 

Bus Route B09 
Hillmond Central School 
4618 49 Ave, Lloydminster, SK S9V 1K5 

RE: Notice to Staff, Students and Visitors of a COVID-19 Outbreak on Bus Route B09 (Hillmond Central School) 

Public Health staff are investigating multiple cases of COVID-19 on bus route B09 (Hillmond Central School). When an outbreak has been declared, it is assumed that there is an ongoing risk of exposure within the school and a school wide notification may not be sent with each additional case in the school during the outbreak.  

We strongly recommend that everyone who is eligible, including all household members of students and staff members, get both doses of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series. 

If anyone develops symptoms, they must self-isolate at home and seek testing immediately. Should you require medical attention, it is important to call ahead to your health care provider’s office so arrangements can be made for you to be seen in a way that reduces the chance of exposing other individuals. 

As an additional measure to control this outbreak, I ask that all pupils and not fully vaccinated staff using bus route B09 get tested for COVID-19. This will allow early detection and isolation of those who may be infected but are still asymptomatic. Depending on the evolution of the outbreak, this measure may be repeated at a later stage.  

For further information regarding COVID-19, please call Health Line at 1-877-800-0002, and/or visit the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health website at  


Dr. Mandiangu Nsungu
Medical Health Officer


1790 Alberni Street, P.O. Box 2004, Vancouver, BC, V6G 1B2
(604) 629-6629
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