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J.H. Moore Elementary School
Principal's Message

Welcome to J.H. Moore Elementary School!  Whether you are brand new to our school or returning after a summer of fun, we are excited that you are here! 

We are about to begin an exciting adventure in learning.  This student agenda is full of information to help you and your family become familiar with our expectations for the school year. We encourage you to read the handbook together.  It is a practical and useful guide for JHM families and our school community.  Included are policies of the school, the Northwest School Division and the Ministry of Education.

We believe that coming to JHM should be a joyful experience for everyone. We are proud of the programming that we have planned for this new school year.  Our teachers and student support services team have learning plans to meet the academic needs of every child.  We strive to create learning opportunities to fit all levels of ability and learning styles.  We also have extra-curricular teams, clubs, special events, community partnerships, assemblies and much more that will support the academic, physical and emotional growth for all of our students.

All of us here at the school are good listeners and willing to help you with any concerns you might have.  If you have questions, wonders, suggestions, or just want to stop by to say hello, please come for a visit.  We look forward to spending our year with you and your family!

Susan Plant