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Carpenter High School
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2018-2019 Season

Equipment Required:

Practice & Training Attire:        

Athletic Shorts, Tee-Shirt, Socks, & CLEAN flat soled runners (no outdoor shoes allowed) are required for practices and training sessions.  *** Athletes are not allowed to practice without proper gear.


Competition Uniforms:    

For early tournaments a t-shirt, shorts, and flat soled shoes should be worn.  Team uniforms will be required for the UofA, provincial and regional tournaments only.  A $30 deposit and $5 uniform rental charge will be required.  We will be ordering custom singlets with atheletes name for $100 (optional).

It is strongly encouraged that wrestling shoes be purchased.  Because of sizing, cost variations, and personal preferences, student athletes are responsible to purchase their own wrestling shoes. Although not mandatory, they may prevent injury and improve performance.



Wrestling practices are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:45 to 5:30pm.  Thursday practices are dependent on coach availability.  Practices are mandatory for all student athletes who want to go to tournaments.  If you have a conflict with other extra-curricular activities, please advise the coach immediately.  Accommodations may be made depending on circumstances (you may have to choose one).  Wrestling is a very competitive sport and requires adequate training for success, and to reduce the possible injury.


Any practices that can not be attended must be reported to the coach BEFORE the practice.  School attendance and commitment to the sport will be monitored for eligibility to go to tournaments.  The coaches will not permit students with poor class attendance, poor practice attendance, or poor attitude to travel and compete in tournaments.



Although wrestling practices will have a component of conditioning, it is expected that athletes spend some time outside of practice to maintain fitness and a healthy diet.  We will need to periodically check weight of athletes for entry into tournaments.
Major Events (guideline only, subject to change):


O'Neill Titan Wrestling Classic (alternate to UofA above)

Date:   Friday January 11th & Saturday January 12th

@ Archbishop M.C. O'Neill High School in Regina

Warman Scratch and Claw

Date: Saturday January 19th

Warman High School


University of Alberta Golden Bear High School Tournament

Date:   Saturday, February 2nd, 9am – 5:00pm

@ Butterdome, U of A, Edmonton     CANCELLED


AE Peacock Wrestling Tournament

Date:   Friday February 9th  

@ Peacock High School, Moose Jaw

Regional Finals: Weyburn, March 2nd 

Provincial Finals: Regina,  March 8th to 9th


     *** Please note that times and dates may change.  We will give as much advance notice as possible.


Approximate expenses for travel, hotel, food and entry fees for tournaments will be $40 to $50 each event depending on length and location.  If financial assistance is required for participation in tournaments or uniform rental, please speak to Mr. Guenther.


There is a $20 extracurricular fee for all students to participate.  If you have already paid this fee for another sport or activity, you do not need to pay again. 


Our travel budget has been cut this year, and we request that parents help by volunteering transportation services.  Criminal record checks are required for parents transporting students and private vehicles must have a package policy.  Please apply in advance with the RCMP to allow for processing times.  Copies must be provided before travel occurs.


Questions:  If you or your parents have any questions, please contact:


                Mr. Jason Guenther (  School Phone: 236-5236