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Ernie Studer School
Creating a foundation for a lifetime of learning.
Our School
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​​Building Loon Lake Central School
On August 27th, 1945 a committee decided to build a three room school in Loon Lake for a cost of $4000.  The school would be open in January of '46.  However, problems occurred and the school couldn't be used until June 30th, 1946.  Due to a fire, the school burned down and the students were temporarily relocated to several buildings in town.  On August 17th, 1957, Remai Construction from Saskatoon submitted $102, 888.77 to build a six room school for the students.  After much discussion, the school board decided to build an eight room school very close to the six room school.  This opened in October of 1962.  The six room school became the elementary and the eight room school was the high school, but together they were referred to as the Loon Lake Central School.


After much consideration, it was decided on October 4th, 1968, under principal Angus Addley, that a two story addition would be built to link the two schools together.  This two story structure was to include seven classrooms, a library, a gymnasium, a home economics room, a commercial room, industrial arts area, a principal's office and staff room.  The extension was required in order to accommodate the students from Makwa Sahgaiehcan Indian Reserve.  The two story addition was ready for the fall term of 1970.  Until 1978,  Loon Lake Central School remained the same except for minor interior changes.


The Beginning of "Ernie Studer School"
In 1970-1971, the building in itself was not altered, but many other changes took place.  Mr. Ernie Studer was a local pioneer, and the decision to change the name of the school to Ernie Studer School tied us to our heritage and tradition.  Also in 1971, the student and faculty population nearly doubled, creating more opportunity for our students.  Some of these opportunities included a yearbook and many new extra-curricular such as football, glee club, curling, cheerleading, basketball, drama club, volleyball, softball and SRC.


The Blue Devil
In 1980, Ernie Studer School adopted the Blue Devil as our school logo.  The Devil was developed from the popular cartoon "Tasmanian Devil" and painted with our school colors of blue and white.  Along with this logo came the popular sports motto "Bring on the Devils" and this has been used in many sports activities throughout the years.


Changing Principals
In 1985, after serving for sixteen years as  principal, Angus Addley retired and was replaced by Norm Dray.  In the year 1987-1988, Dewey Theile assumed the role of principal until 1988-1989.  We started off a new decade with Robert Moore as our principal.


Population Changes
In 1987-1988, Makwa School became a Kindergarten-Grade 8 school.  As a result, Ernie Studer welcomed the Grade 9-12 students to become a part of our school.  In 1995-1996, the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation School was built, reducing our school population by almost half.  In 2000-2001,  Makwa School closed and those students joined us, increasing our population once again.


New Administration
Mr. Moore retired in 2002-2003, after 13 years of being ESS principal.  Mr. D. Slugoski served as principal from 2003 - 2006, and returned to the classroom. Our current principal, Mr. B. Freyman was Vice-Principal for three years before assuming the principalship.  Mrs. Judy Seguin joined the staff as Vice-Principal from 2006 until 2009. After her retirement in 2009, Mr. Davin Hildebrand joined our staff as Vice-Principal. UPDATE: we've had a couple new Vice- Principals since Mr. Hildebrand; Mrs. Tara Carter, Mrs. Brenda Mutch , and Mr. Cardell Musyj. Mr. Musyj retired in 2023 and we now welcome Mr. Jon Kemp as our new Vice - Principal.


Our School today

Our current school population for Kindergarten - Grade Twelve includes 139 students, 11.5 teachers, 1 librarian, 1 admin assistant, 2 educational assistants, 1 wellness coordinator,  3 janitors and 4 bus drivers.