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Gateway Middle School
Our School

Gateway Elementary School is found in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. We are one of 24 schools of the Northwest School Division. Gateway is one of 5 other schools in the town of  Meadow Lake. Meadow Lake is a town of about 5000 people found in northwestern Saskatchewan. Meadow Lake is a community mainly centered around agriculture and forestry.


Gateway Elementary School  is unique because we are strictly a Grade 5 and 6 school. We have about 300 students with 5 classrooms of Grade 5's and 5 classrooms of Grade 6 students, as well as a French Immersion 5/6 class. Gateway became a school in 2001. The Griffin is our school's symbol and mascot. The Griffin is a mythological creature that is part lion and part eagle. The Lion symbolizes strength and integrity. The eagle symbolizes pride and grace. These are traits that we strive to show at Gateway School.


At Gateway, you will find excellent facilities to help foster our student's learning. There is a large gym, traverse climbing wall, 2 computer labs, a music/band room, a library, an art room, a kitchen and a nice open commons area.


Gateway offers a number of extra-curricular activities for students. Early in the fall, cross-country running starts as well as volleyball.  In the winter, basketball and speedstacking begin and in the spring, badminton and track & field finish off the year. These activities usually occur after school. At noon hour, we have many things happening to keep everyone busy. House games, chorus, games club and table tennis are popular noon events.