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H. Hardcastle School
Principal's Message

​Principal's Message – Darren Nordell

Let me begin by saying," Welcome back for another exciting school year!"  As we begin the school year, we are grateful to begin the year without worry as we open our doors for classes, activities, and companionship.  With both students and staff, there is a buzz of excitement with this new school year.  We would like to welcome our new students and families who will now become a part of the H. Hardcastle family; we look forward to having your children in the classroom and your involvement as parents. 

As you enter the school, you may see some faces that are familiar and some that are new to the building.  This year we would like to welcome Ms. Andrea Thom back as she has taken on a permanent role in our school, working with the grade 6 class and some of the middle year groupings.  We are also welcoming back Mrs. Janessa Roach as she returns from a maternity leave and steps back into the role of Student Support Services Teacher, as well as middle years Art and Home Ec.  H. Hardcastle School would also like to welcome Ms. Stephanie Lewis to our school.  Ms. Lewis will be working in the grade 1 classroom for the next 2 months until Mrs. Long is able to return.   

At this time, I would also like to thank the community for the support that they have shown our school over the past two years as we navigated some of the issues that we were asked to deal with.  Your support has helped create this positive atmosphere that we are seeing today. 

With the beginning of the school year, activities are in full swing with the gym being busy as is our cross-country paths and the golf courses.  The SRC will once again be taking an active role in the school helping to plan events and activities for our school community.  As we look to renew the connections with each other or make new connections with students that we may be working with, we are working to challenge them academically and socially in the classrooms and hallways.   
We will try to keep everyone updated on the activities of HHS through our monthly newsletter, our Facebook page, and both the NWSD and school's websites.   

On behalf of the staff here at HHS, I would like to welcome you back to another exciting year.  Take care and have a great 2022-2023 school year.