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H. Hardcastle School
Principal's Message

Principal's Message

As the evenings begin to get a little cooler and the leaves begin to change color, so signals another beginning to a new school year.  I would like to welcome all our new families, and welcome back those that are returning for the 2023-2024 H. Hardcastle School year.  As a school, we would also like to send along a warm welcome to our new families beginning their Kindergarten experience.  As we open our school doors, there is always the excitement of beginning new classes while also returning to friends and staff who might have been away for the summer.   

As we return, I would like to note that our staff has had 2 changes since we left in the fall that I would like to recognize.  HHS would like to welcome back Mrs. Long, who is returning half time and is settling back into her Grade 1 role in the mornings.  We would also like to welcome Miss Christie Adair who will be taking on the Grade 1 role in the afternoon, while also working with our Grade 8 class and some other classes in the mornings.  We are excited to have them return.   

I would also like to thank our community for their continuing support of our activities and education here at HHS.  Your support means a great deal, not only for our students, but also the staff as we begin to navigate through another school year.  As a staff, we realize the responsibility that we have in helping to prepare our youth, and to provide them with every opportunity to succeed; it is a tremendous honor, and we hope that we can help our students realize their potential as they move forward.     

With the beginning of the school year, activities are in full swing with the gym being busy, as is our cross-country paths and the golf courses.  The SRC will once again be taking an active role in the school by helping to plan events and activities for our school community.  Extracurricular opportunities are available to all, as we realize that this will help our students build on their personal character to be successful in the roles they choose.  We have high expectations for our school community, and this is something that we cannot apologize for. 

As we look to renew the connections with each other or make new connections with students that we may be working with, we are working to challenge them academically and socially, both in the classrooms and hallways.  

HHS has also been chosen as a pilot school for Edsby, a platform which will help to enhance communication to our student's homes.  There are still some “kinks" that need to be corrected at the Division level, but hopefully you will find this useful.  We encourage you all to stay connected with the school activities through our monthly newsletter, our Facebook page, and both the NWSD and HHS's websites.   

On behalf of our staff, I would like to welcome you all back and wish you all a great year ahead.

​Principal Darren Nordell