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H. Hardcastle School
Principal's Message

Principal's Message – Darren Nordell

Although the weather's still warm and the sun is shining, another school year is now beginning!  I'd like to take this opportunity to officially welcome you back to HHS for the 2021-2022 school year.  We would also like to send along a special welcome to our new Kindergarten students and families as they get ready to begin their educational career here at HHS!  Starting a new year brings about change and anticipation for everyone.  Now that we are in action, I'd like to share with you some important and exciting updates, all of which will positively impact teaching and learning.  

We are thrilled to announce some changes in our staff that will change our overall appearance.  This year, we would like to welcome Mrs. Jessica LaClare as our Jr high Math specialist and half time Gr 6 teacher.  You will also see her in the gym coaching some of our Jr High students.  Mr. Lorne Long will also be splitting his time between the Gr 6 classroom in the morning and then moving into the High School end as he is taking over the PAA (IA) program.  We were sad to see Mr. Gary Deobald and Mrs. Brenda Pollard leave our building as they had decided that it was time to try their hands at retirement.  We are also welcoming back Mrs. Cindy Jullion and Mrs. Chrissy Weber as they are returning form their maternity leaves. After school you may notice Ms. Nadian Holloway wandering the halls as she has recently been hired part time to assist our janitorial staff.  

With the re-opening of the school year, you will see some of the practices that we had introduced last year have remained; these are sound practices that helped keep our school family healthy and safe.  Masks are to be worn at all times while indoors, with body breaks happening where students will be given opportunities to be rid of the mask for a rest.  Hand washing and school cleanliness will still be a priority as well.  There is still that feeling of the unknown that lingers, but we are doing our best to promote learning to all our students and that they enjoy the time that they're here. 

In saying this, some of the activities that had been halted due to the pandemic last year are now up and running; school sports teams, student SRC and other activities that we had missed greatly last year are now in full swing.  Together, we are trying to make connections with students to help them feel valued and safe, while at the same time challenging them academically.  Our school hallways, classrooms and playgrounds are alive with activity; it is great to be back! 

We encourage you all to stay connected and informed with the school.  Please browse the NWSD website, our school's web site and Facebook pages, or read our monthly newsletter.  This, I hope, will give you a glimpse into the happenings of our school. 

On behalf of the staff at H Hardcastle School, I would like to welcome you back to another great year of exploring, learning, and growing.  We look forward to making 2021-2022 our best school year yet!