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Turtleford Community School
Grade 5

​Welcome to the grade five web page. Communication is important and there are several ways to stay in touch. On this web page I'll post weekly assignments, useful links, and test outlines. I use Remind to send text messages to parents. Contact me to sign up, or check letter your child brought home September 2.  There is also a grade five Facebook page where I will post pictures and information about events in class. It is a private Facebook page and can only be seen by parents and guardians. Please send me a friend request if you would like access to the page. I can also be contacted by phone (306-845-2079 school). Lastly, I encourage students to make use of the agendas as they will be recording homework and other information. Please check your child's agenda daily. I would appreciate your support by initialing the agenda daily to show that you have seen it.

Mask will be required for students. Masks must be worn on the bus and in school unless students are sitting in their desks. Masks are not required outside. To help provide a safe environment, students will also spend time working outside. Please help you child dress for the weather.

Students are welcome to have a water bottle on their desk at school. Please remember there are no soft drinks allowed in the school and students are not to use cell phones in class. We hope these policies will maintain a positive learning environment in the classroom.

​Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

Mad Minutes- due Friday

Spelling Unit 3
Group 1 #1,2,4,7
Group 2 #1,2,3,4,6

Patterns and Relations Test Outline

1. Identify patterns, add to patterns and describe the pattern rule. 

    5, 7, 9, 11 Pattern rule- Start at 5 and add 2 each time.

   160, 80, 40, 20, 10, 5 Pattern rule- Start at 160 and take away half each  


2. Make charts to answer problems.  

   A blue jay comes to my feeder every seven days. A woodpecker comes    

   every three days. If they came together today, on what day will they come

   together again?

3. Find missing variables, or write expressions

    4xA=32      A=8


Mr. Keen is 195 cm. and Muffy is 75 cm. shorter. How tall is Muffy?

195- m = 75   m=120​

4. Make tessellations (repeating patterns) using pattern blocks. 


First Nations of Canada

Canadian Geography Games

​Saskatchewan Weather
Weather Radar