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Turtleford Community School
Grade 5


Mad Minutes- due Thursday

Student Stories
Too Many Pets
Rebecca the Brave
The Story of My Life
The Brother and the Thief
​​Spelling Unit 26
Group 1 #1,2,4,6
Group 2  #1,2,3,4,5
Group 3  #1,2,4,6

Animal Report Links

Hinterland Who's Who

Reptiles and Amphibians

First Nations of Canada

Canadian Geography Games
​Saskatchewan Weather
Weather Radar

Fraction Test outline

  1. Know the parts of a fraction- numerator and denominator
  2. Make equivalent fractions- ½= 2/4 =  3/6= 4/8
  3. Make fractions into decimals and vice versa 3/10= 0.3
  4. Compare fractions with like and unlike denominators using >  <  =.
  5. Compare decimals and make equivalent decimals.

           0.5= 0.500                  0.397 < 0.4

Myth Projects

          Each student will produce one myth related piece of art by Friday April 13.  The art may be done in any style and using any material.  The project may be a drawing, sculpture or a craft and it should reflect several hours of work.  Students may get adult help in the planning and building of the projects.

          The project must be related in some way to a myth that has been read, or a character from a myth.  A short paragraph explaining the connection of the project to a myth will be handed in with the project.