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Turtleford Community School
Grade 5
This week we will continue going outside as much as possible. Please have students dress for the weather.


Math Patterns and Relations Test outline

1. Identify patterns, add to patterns and describe the pattern rule. 

    5, 7, 9, 11 Pattern rule- Start at 5 and add 2 each time.

   160, 80, 40, 20, 10, 5 Pattern rule- Start at 160 and take away half each  



2. Make charts to answer problems.  

   A blue jay comes to my feeder every seven days. A woodpecker comes    

   every three days. If they came together today, on what day will they come

   together again?


3. Find missing variables, or write expressions

    4xA=32      A=8


Mr. Keen is 195 cm. and Muffy is 75 cm. shorter. How tall is Muffy?

195- m = 75   m=120


4. Make tessellations (repeating patterns) using pattern blocks. 

See the source image

​Canadian Geography Games

​​Spelling Unit 4
Group 1  #1,2,3,5
Group 2 #1,2,4,5
​Saskatchewan Weather
Weather Radar