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Turtleford Community School
Grade 5

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the grade five web page. Communication is important and there are several ways to stay in touch. On this web page I'll post weekly assignments, useful links, and test outlines. 

​Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

Mad Minutes- due Friday
Spelling Unit 12
Group 1 #1,2,4,5
Group 2​ #1,2,3,4
Group 3 #1,2,4,5

Science Test Outline

1. Know the meaning of the following words: atom, element, compound, physical change, physical property, chemical change, element, compound.

2. Label the parts of the atom. Proton, electron, neutron, nucleus.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the periodic table.

4. Name and identify three states of matter.

5. Know the difference between a physical and chemical property.

6. Know the difference between a physical and chemical change.

7. Explain why making new materials may have consequences for the environment.


atom- the basic unit of all matter and the smallest part of an element

element- matter that is made up of only one kind of atom

compound- a substance formed when atoms of different elements combine

physical property- a property that can be used to identify matter (colour, shape, state…)

chemical property- a property that determines how atoms join, or break apart from other atoms

physical change- a change in the size, shape, or state of matter

chemical change- a change in which one or more new material is formed


Periodic Table of Elements 




Web Elements​ 




It's Elemental


The Periodic Table of Videos

Provinces quiz

Capitals quiz​

First Nations Research​

First Nations of Canada

Saskatchewan Weather
Weather Radar
Poppy Stories​ (scan your Remembrance Day poppy to learn about the people who served.)

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