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Lakeview Elementary School / École Lakeview
Let Excellence Soar! Ici, l'excellence s'envole!
Principal's Message


Grade 4 OurSCHOOL Survey Goals We asked if students felt they had someone at school who provides encouragement and someone they could turn to for advice. 

They said 7.5 out of 10 students felt they had someone to turn to for encouragement and support. 

We pledge to continue providing opportunities to build positive trusting relationships with ALL students at Lakeview. 

We asked if students feel a sense of anxiety or worry about particular events or social situations.

They said 34% of students at Lakeview have moderate to high levels of anxiety. 

We pledge to immediately address any issues or concerns that are brought to our attention. 

We also pledge to continue to provide safe opportunities to discuss and share problems. 

We asked if students felt important concepts are taught well and class time is used efficiently. 

They said 8.3 out of 10 students felt that classroom learning time was used effectively and concepts were taught well.

We pledge to continue to provide engaging and interesting lessons for students to enjoy.