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École Lakeview / Lakeview Elementary School
Let Excellence Soar! Ici, l'excellence s'envole!
Principal's Message


Tell Them From Me Survey

Lakeview Elementary School will be participating in the OurSchool online student and teacher surveys in order to hear directly and anonymously from students and teachers. Questions will focus on student engagement, student wellness and the school's learning culture. The answers/suggestions help us provide the best possible schooling experience for all.  Only grade 4 students participate in the student survey.  All parents and teachers are asked to participate.

Thanks to the following parents for volunteering to be
involved in the SCC this year:

Karla Hansen – Chairperson                             Christie Andersen – Vice Chair
Jolene Siklenka – Secretary                             Stacy Groenewegen – Director
Michelle Martodam – Treasurer                       Jodi Hoddenbagh – Director
Jennilee Spencer – Director                             Holly Wassing - Director                  Bridgett Richardson-Director                             Madeleine Sadler– Director

Monthly Attendance Draws

Thanks to our SCC, we will be celebrating student attendance by having Monthly
Attendance Draws! Names of  students who have perfect attendance and no lates will be entered into a draw for the Monthly Attendance Prize! This month the winners will enjoy a swimming party on Nov. 7 from 1:00-2:00.

The winners for October are:

Quinn Hoddenbagh, Suri McCallum, Nicole Sadler, Melody Eisenzimmer, Brandt Spencer, Casey Lajeunesse, Nathaniel Roger, Cooper Jensen, Emmalee Johnston, Deangelo
Tuanquin, Preston Hounsel, Tavin McCallum, Ryan Peters, Nemo Lachance, Tavin McCallum, Zoe Roger, Thea Burgess, Brayden Lapratt, Sadie Quaal, Jasper Omusula, Kayl Solsten, and Reise Groot.