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École Lakeview / Lakeview Elementary School
Let Excellence Soar! Ici, l'excellence s'envole!

After School Program

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays we offer a club for students to register for and attend. Specific grades will be assigned bi-weekly or monthly. After School Club will start in October.  

For October and November, After School Program will be offered to grade three and four students only. Please print the PDF form out and hand into the office to register your child.

 Milk Program

Lakeview’s Milk Program has begun and students can purchase a milk punch card for $7.50 (10 milk) or $15 (20 milk). The card is punched every time a child buys a milk. Once the pass has been completely punched it is sent home to remind parents to purchase another one. Students have the option of purchasing white or chocolate milk. Unfortunately there will be no individual milk sold this year. Remember you can pay for milk passes online!