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Academy Vision:

“To intentionally impact leadership development throughout the Northwest School Division.”

The NWSD Leadership Academy is:

An Oasis: a safe place to grow together in leadership.

A Clearing House: a place to discuss and have access to necessary tools to help you in your leadership journey.

A Training Centre: Specific, targeted teaching and learning for personal growth.

The 6 Pillars of Leadership Academy:

Communication: A delegate will understand and practice effective communication for inspiration and success.

Integrity: A delegate will always be honest with themselves and others.

Vision: A delegate will research and create a meaningful vision for each project they lead or are a part of.

Respect: A delegate will respect themselves and others whom they work beside.

Teamwork: A delegate will embrace teamwork and collaboration with the greater end goal always in mind.

Ethics: A delegate will always remember their moral compass and make the most ethical choices and decision in any given situation.

An NWSD Leadership Academy graduate will strive to possess the following skills by the end of year 2:

Will have excellent presentation and public speaking skills

Will be an imaginative problem solver

Will harness emotional intelligence

Will be a proactive thinker

Will be a skillfully organized young adult

Will always have polite interactions with others

Will be continuously seeking cultural awareness


Apply to be a part of the next Leadership 30 cohort here​.

Questions about the program? Connect with Leadership Academy instructor, Ms. Adele Muzyka -​

The course at a glance:

Credit Course Delivery Seminars

What is it?

LEADERSHIP 30 is a one-credit course delivered over two years to students in the Northwest School Division. Specific modules will also be offered to target groups through the NORTHWEST LEADERSHIP ACADEMY

How is it administered?

Administered through hybrid asynchronous learning – students will work individually through posted modules and assignments on the LMS, participate in discussion forums online, and attend 3-5 mandatory in-person sessions throughout the year.


  • an intensive course aimed at increasing students' knowledge and understanding of leadership.
  • designed to expand the student's already existing leadership skills and to promote personal growth.
  • allows for self-actualization & helps each student identify skills they already possess & develop new strengths.
  • teaches students to identify & value the leadership qualities possessed by others.
  • provides students with a unique blend of seminars, instruction, project-based work, and mentoring allowing students to acquire knowledge and then apply it directly into the school and community.
  • promotes life-long learning and skill acquisition
  • provides practical experiences in project planning & organization, as well as group & time management

    Modules & Due Dates (Generalized & Flexible) 
Course Material & ModulesYear A & B alternate. The material you are offered depends on the year you enter the course, as well as is specific to student interests.​
2022-2023 will be year BAB
SeptemberThis is a recruiting Month  - in person check-ins and school visits to promote the program give Year 2 students the opportunity to catch up on anything they may owe from Year 1 and/or get a jump on interviews and project planning. ​
Module 1:   Oct 1 ~ Nov 10 What is (Quality) Leadership?Practical Ways to Engage Others
Module 2:   Nov 15 ~ Jan 23

Part 1: Quality Leadership vs Leadership Qualities

Part 2: Dream-weavers & Heroes: Leadership by choice?

Time & Stress Management

Goal Setting

Module 3:   Feb 6 ~ April 6Lollipop Leadership: The importance of recognitionConflict Resolution: Having Difficult Conversations
Module 4:  April 17~ June 20

Choose your own Adventure!

1 – Power of Optimism

2 – Resilience: A Beautiful Struggle

3 – Resource Review

Choose your own Adventure!

1 – Famous Failures: Passion vs Talent

2 – The GYPT Show

3 – TED Talk

Mandatory In Person Workshops:  3-5 per year 

  • Conflict Resolution & Difficult Decisions
  • Communication, Coaching vs Mentorship
  • Engaging your Collaborators
  • Innovation & Change
  • Gym Blast – Challenges & Spirit Ideas
  • Group Dynamics & Team Building
  • Decision Making, Problem Solving, Goal Setting
  • Resilience & Famous Failures

Online Check – ins & Office Hours

  • Office hours posted weekly in TEAMS: pop into the meeting at your leisure to ask questions, get advice, or say hello. These are not mandatory meetings, but time allotted to Leadership Academy Delegates for one-on-one interaction. You can use this time to send messages or chats for quick reply as well.
  • You are welcome to set up a video chat/meeting or call any time for extra help and collaboration
  • I am always available by email, LMS messenger, and Teams Messenger if you have a question at any time.
  • Check in a minimum of once per term (being active in the discussion forum is another form of check-in).


As this course is run over 2 school years and outside of full course-loads for many of our students, please remember that due dates are flexible, with time-management & organization being one of our learning objectives. Any missing assignments are more than welcome to be submitted at any time, and the course can be extended with permission for students that need extra time for completion. All assessments are equally weighted as there is a large amount of flexibility as to the depth and complexity of each assignment due to interest, personal relevance, and personal preference of each student.

  • Each Module – 4 per year
    • Discussion Forum, 1-2 Journal entries, 1-2 assignments.
  • Each In Person Workshop
    • Discussion Forums & active participation in the Workshops => Collaboration rubric.
  • Practical Experience
    • One Interview of a Leader per year
    • 2 Projects per year: one in school project and one community-based project (can utilize school resources and SRC as well for this one)

Alternate Assignment and Options

This course continually offers opportunities for growth in Leadership through personal interests. Students can choose to attend conferences or events that suit their interests and goals and hand in assignments related to them as an alternate for module assignments with permission. This includes opportunities such as:

  • 4H and other clubs/activities
  • Volunteering in the Community
  • SRC activities they play a leadership role in
  • Coaching or Mentoring Younger students
  • Referee clinics or volunteer refereeing
  • Tutoring
  • Conferences/Workshops found personally or offered through the course
​Please note: Discussion Forums & Journal Entries are mandatory for each Module, even if the student has replaced the assignment from that Module with an alternate option.