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Academy Vision:

“To intentionally impact leadership development throughout the Northwest School Division.”

Leadership Academy Syllabus 2017-2018 - An overview of Leadership Academy

The NWSD Leadership Academy is:

An Oasis: a safe place to grow together in leadership.

A Clearing House: a place to discuss and have access to necessary tools to help you in your leadership journey.

A Training Centre: Specific, targeted teaching and learning for personal growth.

The 6 Pillars of Leadership Academy:

Communication: A delegate will understand and practice effective communication for inspiration and success.

Integrity: A delegate will always be honest with themselves and others.

Vision: A delegate will research and create a meaningful vision for each project they lead or are a part of.

Respect: A delegate will respect themselves and others whom they work beside.

Teamwork: A delegate will embrace teamwork and collaboration with the greater end goal always in mind.

Ethics: A delegate will always remember their moral compass and make the most ethical choices and decision in any given situation.

An NWSD Leadership Academy graduate will strive to possess the following skills by the end of year 2:

Will have excellent presentation and public speaking skills

Will be an imaginative problem solver

Will harness emotional intelligence

Will be a proactive thinker

Will be a skillfully organized young adult

Will always have polite interactions with others

Will be continuously seeking cultural awareness

The course at a glance:

Credit Course Delivery Seminars

The NWSD Leadership Academy is a 2 year course designed for students to cultivate practical management training and to employ continuous growth in leadership. (Leadership 30L – 2 Years – 50 hours per year)

Student Delegates meet approximately 2 - 3 times a year in conjunction with NWSD principal meeting dates. Course content is taught using lecture, group activities, guest presentations, NWSD Leadership Academy Wikiclassroom, interviews, and self-directed projects. Attendance is absolutely mandatory. You will have these date ahead of time, so make sure you plan accordingly. Any missed session will result in an extra assignment.

Specific lessons are delivered in Time and Stress Management, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Types of Leadership, Project Planning, Conflict Resolution, and Presentation Skills.

Online Assignments:

Students will complete 4 online modules each year. Each module encompasses a theme that will be taught and discussed at a prior session.

Community Projects:

Students will complete a major community project each year. These projects must be discussed with me before approval.

School Projects:

Students will complete a major school project each year. These projects must be discussed with me before approval.


Students are required to interview 2 local leaders each year and discuss why this person is meaningful to their leadership development.


Students are required to journal for each module. These assignment guidelines will be available on the wikiclass. Each entry is to be about leadership and to be significant and well written. Students have been given the option to use to organize their entries, or to simply email them in Word doc. form.

The Academy provides Leadership Opportunities. You choose what you do with them.

How to join Leadership Academy?

At the end of every school year, in May and June, Mrs. Zaraska accepts new applications to Leadership Academy for the following Fall.

Students must have their parents and school principal sign off on their Leadership Academy application. Please contact your school principal for more to learn how you can join Leadership Academy.