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Graduation planning is an essential component of the grade 9-12 curriculum in Saskatchewan. As early as grade 7, students start to create plans for their future. The online program myBlueprint is a key tool that Saskatchewan students employ to explore their interests and future careers.

School divisions and the Ministry of Education have worked together to create a provincial Graduation and Post Graduation Plan document that is available here:
Sask Student First Grad Plan

The Grad Plan and Post Grad Plan Elements document is a quick reference guide to identify what activities a student should be working on in grade 9-12 to meet the graduation requirements.

Grad and Post Grad Plan Elements

Another important document for student is the Saskatchewan Hight School Credit Options Guide for students that outlines high school credit requirements:

SK Credit Options Guide for Students

Graduation and Post Graduation Plan Documents

Student Documents

Grade 7 Year-at-a-Glance

Grade 8 Year-at-a-Glance

Grade 9 NWSD Graduation Plan

Grade 10 NWSD Graduation Plan

Grade 11 NWSD Graduation Plan

Grade 12 NWSD Graduation Plan

Grade 9-12 Checklists

Parent/Mentor/Teacher Documents

Parent/Mentor/Teacher Grade 9 NWSD Graduation Plan

Parent/Mentor/Teacher Grade 10 NWSD Graduation Plan

Parent/Mentor/Teacher Grade 11 NWSD Graduation Plan

Parent/Mentor/Teacher Grade 12 NWSD Graduation Plan

High School Transcripts

Students wishing to access their high school transcripts must request the information from the Ministry of Education at