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Developing a Sense of Belonging - NWSD teachers publish research project

June 14, 2021

​Congratulations to NWSD teachers Michael Radford, Scott Thompson and Amy Campbell on the completion of their research project, "Developing Sense of Belonging."

The project, which began in 2018, was completed through the Sterling McDowell Foundation, and focused on the impact of the Culturally Courageous Land-based Leadership (CCLL) initiative at the former Dorintosh Central School.

From the McDowell Foundation project summary:

Dorintosh Central School subscribes to the approach of inclusion for meeting the needs of all students. This requires a student-directed approach focused on student strengths, needs, and interests. In an effort to cultivate a strong sense of belonging with peers, staff, and community members, Dorintosh Central School students developed the Culturally Courageous Land-Based Leadership (CCLL) initiative.

CCLL explores student sense of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity through the Indigenous lens of the Circle of Courage. It is our intent to focus on the impact holistic learning has on student sense of belonging in our school. As a learning community, we want to investigate the impact of self-directed learning, truth and reconciliation, and land-based learning on sense of belonging.

Furthermore, we hope to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Develop a strong sense of belonging in our students, staff, and community.
  2. Connect Indigenous and Western knowledge.
  3. Explore holistic learning benefits through land-based education.
  4. Promote pride in culture and participation through truth and reconciliation.

The completed project and research is published on the McDowell Foundation website here.

dorintosh research project.PNG