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2024 School Board Elections

Elections are scheduled to be held Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2024, for all boards of education.​

The nomination deadline for Trustees is October 9, 2024. Nomination forms will be made available when the Call for Nominations is announced in the fall by the Returning Officer.

This information package from the Saskatchewan School Boards Association outlines a number of topics related to the election:

​Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) Election Package​

Our School Division:

The Northwest School Division is committed to our mission and vision of: Laying the foundation for success … One student at a time.

Success in Northwest School Division is achieved by a commitment to the following principles:

  • The pursuit of excellence based upon high expectations for all;
  • The principle of being student-centered;
  • Accountability toward each other as individuals, schools, communities and governing bodies;
  • A culture of mutual respect, trust and understanding;
  • The highest standards of integrity and honesty;
  • Inclusiveness as the celebration and acceptance of all people;
  • Collaborative and cooperative relationships with all stakeholders.

NWSD demographics - 4500 students, 22 schools, 15 communities, 700+ employees, 11 elected trustees

The Board

​In order to continue Saskatchewan’s tradition of education excellence, boards of education need the ideas, energy and commitment of people who want to do their best for students and their communities.

Locally elected boards have a vital role in serving Saskatchewan’s publicly funded education system. The longest lasting and most fundamental responsibility of boards has been to bring the voice of the public to publicly funded education.

If you decide to run for election, working as part of a board of education means you care about students, schools and communities. If you want to be part of leading the learning community and building a better community at large, you’re taking a great first step!

Local Voice

Local voice enables local decision making in response to local needs.

By having a finger on the pulse of the community, trustees know what their students, schools, and communities need because they are members of the communities themselves.​

Board Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the school board are setting the strategic direction and oversight, and monitoring performance.

Other responsibilities include:

Establishing the vision, priorities and overall educational plans for the school division by:

  • Approving the educational program for the school division, including special programming needs such as practical and applied arts, music and second language instruction;
  • Overseeing and holding the division accountable for results; and,
  • Determining financial priorities, adopting the annual budget and ensuring accountability for school division expenditures.

Establishing the strategic policies of the school division by:

  • Maintaining school facilities as healthy and safe places to learn;
  • Working with the school division administrations and in consultation with parents, caregivers, students, teachers and support staff;
  • Supporting positive environments for students and staff;
  • Communicating effectively by informing and listening to their communities; and,
  • ​Advocating for education, ensuring that the educational needs of students are always considered first.

Trustee Responsibilities

Time Commitment

Trustees spend an average of 6-10 hours per week on board-related business. This includes board meetings, but could also involve serving as a liaison to communities, representing the board at events, serving as the designated spokesperson, serving on committees, taking part in trustee professional development activities and attending Saskatchewan School Boards Association events.

The NWSD Board of Education meets for 10 regular meetings per year (monthly). Meetings are held at the NWSD Meadow Lake Office.

Effective Communicator

The primary role of the trustee is to ensure the wishes of communities are reflected in the management and operation of schools. Trustees must be willing to listen to their communities about what they need and want from their schools. Trustees must also make the effort to ensure their communities are kept up-to-date on the plans and decisions of the board.

Team Player

It is important to realize that a trustee, acting individually, has no authority to make decisions. A trustee works as part of a team; only the board in public session has the power to make decisions that affect schools.

An interest in your particular school may have prompted you to seek office. However, as a trustee you are responsible for providing services to all students and decisions must be made accordingly. Many groups share an interest in education; however, only boards have the legal authority and mandate to govern the school system.​

More Info

Delegation of Authority

The Board delegates authority to the Director of Education, who operationalizes these documents into Administrative Procedures.

Supporting School Community Councils (SCCs)

Trustees support the School Community Councils for their 22 schools.


The Board of Education has four standing committees:

Professional Development/Trustee Growth (Reconciliation), Policy and Governance, Boundary Review, School Review and Special Issues.


While the position of a Trustee is voluntary, NWSD provides compensation in various forms:

  • Per Diem and Mileage, Travel Time, Communication Allowance, Professional Development Allotment​

11 Subdivisions in NWSD, each subdivision elects a trustee
Download the PDF with all NWSD Become a Trustee Info:

NWSD Board Trustee Election Info.pdf