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Information and Forms

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Safety Rules for Riding the Bus

We are happy and excited to have you on the school bus. Your school bus is a safe and clean place for you to be. Your bus driver has been working very hard to get ready for you. 

Do not get on the bus if you feel sick. Tell an adult.

Listen to your bus driver and use your inside voice.

Keep your hands, feet, objects and negative comments to yourself.

Keep conversations appropriate for all ages, there maybe younger students near you.

Only bring approved things on the bus that you need for school.

Do not share your belongings with others.

If you bring it on the bus, take it off the bus. Especially Kleenex, garbage etc.

Cover coughs and sneezes with your arm.

Everyone must do their part to keep each other safe. Riding the bus is a privilege and it is very important that we all follow the rules. Students unable or unwilling to follow the rules will not be allowed to ride the school bus, and their parents will have to provide transportation to school.  

Parent Information 

​Parent Handbook.pdf

​​Parent Forms

Permission to Transport Student to Non Residence Address.

First Nation Permission.


Allowance in Lieu of Bus Services.

Bus Stop Sign Request Form.

Meadow Lake Pre K Bus Request Form.pdf

Lloydminster Busing Information

NWSD buses follow the Lloydminster Public School Division calendar. Busing will not be provided on days that LPSD does not have school. 

​North buses do not go to Father Gorman
​South buses do not go to St. Mary's
​Queen Elizabeth
​​Queen Elizabeth
​​St. Mary's
​Father Gorman
​Lloydminster Comp
​​Lloydminster Comp
​ES Laird
​​ES Laird
​St. Thomas
​​St. Thomas
​​Holy Rosary
​Holy Rosary

After school all buses will wait until all loads are complete prior to commencing their evening run.

2nd Wednesday of each month is the only day our buses depart early (depart at 2:30 p.m.). All other early dismissal days, schools will keep students until regular dismissal times.

If you would like to register your child for busing services in Lloydminster, please complete the form below and send it to​

Lloydminster Bus Request Form 24-25.pdf​

Meadow Lake In Town Busing Information

ALL in town Meadow Lake riders require a bus pass. β€‹β€‹Bus passes will be sent to the school and handed out to riders.​

Meadow Lake Intown Stops and Times β€‹β€‹β€‹

Stop Times 2023-2024.pdf

In Town Meadow Lake Eligibility and Maps



Jonas Samson.



Attendance Area Maps


Edam Attendance Area

Glaslyn Attendance Area

Goodsoil Attendance Area

Hillmond Attendance Area

JH Moore Lashburn Attendance Area

Lashburn High Attendance Area

Loon Lake Attendance Area 

Maidstone Attendance Area

Marshall K-9 Attendance Area

Meadow Lake Attendance Area K-8 

Meadow Lake Attendance Area 9-12 

Neilburg Attendance Area: Red is K-12, Green 8-12

​Paradise Hill Attendance Area

Pierceland Attendance Area

Rapid View Attendance Area

St. Walburg Attendance Area

Turtleford Attendance Area

LCSD Father Gorman 

LCSD Holy Rosary 8-12 

LCSD Holy Rosary 10-12 

LCSD St. Mary's 

LCSD St. Thomas

LPSD Comp 8-1

LPSD Comp 10-12 

LPSD ES Laird 

LPSD Queen Elizabeth β€‹