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Michif Kindergarten

​​Northern Michif Language Kindergarten Programmichif k5.png

A Kindergarten classroom within NWSD, in partnership with Métis Nation-Saskatchewan.

Aimed to Promote, Protect & Preserve Michif Language

Language reclamation through land-based and play-based learning experiences, with Michif Language Keeper in residence​​

What is it?

Under the guidance of a Michif teacher and Language Keeper, this program will connect children with Métis culture and language within Kindergarten programming.

The Michif classroom is based in Northern Michif, which is predominantly Cree.

All programming is based on the curriculum determined by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education and students receive the same high-quality education as other students in Northwest School Division.

Where is it?

The program location is Lakeview Elementary School.

Because this is a special opportunity there are no boundaries and students from across Meadow Lake are eligible to attend. Transportation will be provided.

Why should my child attend?michif k7.png

Students will:

  • Build a sense of belonging and identity through cultural experiences and land based education;
  • Develop early Michif language literacy, numeracy and motor skills along side the English language;
  • Build important skills in an inclusive play-based environment.



Jubilee Elementary 306-236-4491 | Lakeview Elementary 306-236-5810  |  NWSD Office 306-236-5614